Want to know more about adoption options ?

Mark Demaray periodically teaches a class at local Community Colleges entitled “The Adoption Option”.  The goal of this class helps attendees understand the different types of adoption available and provides an overview of services in Washington state, as well as nationally and internationally, to help one decide if adoption is right for them and their families and if so, what type of adoption is best suited for them.   Included will be discussions of the risks and benefits of adopting internationally versus domestically, private versus agency adoption of infants, and of adopting children from the state public agency foster care system.   The different types of adoption processes, such as private agency and independent adoption, are reviewed as well as information on how to choose an adoption agency, an adoption attorney, and how to talk with family and friends about the decision to adopt.

This class is offered periodically, or you can schedule a personal consulation at our office.  Please contact us to find out when the next class will be held, or to set up a time to meet with us.  




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