Adoptive Parents

Adoption is a wonderful option for many people looking to start a family. For those who are initially considering building their families through adoption, the various types of adoption and different programs that are available to prospective adoptive families can be overwhelming and confusing. There are domestic or international adoptions; public and private agency adoptions; independent adoptions (often called private placement or non-agency adoption); step-parent adoptions, second-parent adoptions, and adult adoptions.  We can help you gather factual and accurate information regarding your options to assist you in making an informed decision about what is right for you.

We help you review the resources available and guide you to a process best suited for your family. We outline how we have helped other families successfully adopt, talk about what networking and advertising methods they used, what avenues are open to help you find birth parents that are considering making an adoption plan.  We also help you understand the necessary steps to become legally ready to adopt a child.

Most importantly, once you have decided on the type of adoption that is best for you and you have been matched with a birth family, we have the background and experience to make sure that your adoption is legally secure, professionally handled and emotionally respected.  We are available to clients to answer questions or address their concerns at any time during the adoption process.

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