Proposed Change to Surrogacy Law in Washington State

The 2010 Washington State Legislature is now in Session and one of the Bills proposed would change Washington law to allow a surrogacy arrangement in which compensation could be paid to a surrogate – a practice which is not allowed and a crime under present state law.   The Bill is House Bill 2793.   If you have an interest in this subject and are supportive of the Bill, please contact your state Senator and Representative and make your views known.  You can find this Bill and others on the Washington State Legislature’s web site.

UPDATE – the 2018 Legislature passed Senate Bill 6037 and it was signed by the Governor making a change in the law effective January 1, 2019.  Along with other important changes, this version of the 2017 Uniform Parentage Act 2017 does allow payment of a fee to a surrogate and pre-birth court orders of parentage will be part of the process starting in 2019.

Please feel free to contact my office for information on this new law or on other legal questions in the Assisted Reproduction field.



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