National Adoption Day Event for 2010

November is traditionally declared to be National Adoption Month each year by the President of the United States, and National Adoption Day this year will be November 20th.  To commemorate this annual celebration of adoption, the courts make special arrangments in all states and set as many final adoption hearings as possible on the preceding day.  This year, Friday November 19th is the day set by the courts for this National Adoption Day event.   It is always wonderful to see so many happy faces and  families.  Court staff and judges throughout the country are again planning special ceremonies for the children and families to finalize as many adoptions as they can on this day.  

All adoptive families that are ready to finalize their adoptions are welcome to have their case heard on National Adoption Day.   I will be setting a number of adoption cases for final hearing that day in Snohomish County Superior Court in Everett, Washington.  I encourage everyone who is ready to finalize their adoption to have their attorney set their case for finalization as a part of this great event. Your family will have a great time and help to celebrate National Adoption Day.


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